Cliff Crumbles Into Sea In Cornwall Off England Coast (VIDEO)

In the video below, a cliff crumbles into the ocean as stunned onlookers capture the collapse in Cornwall along England’s southwest coast.

The scene is thought to have been captured at Dead Man’s Cove, a spot near Redruth, on September 23, the Daily Mail reports.

The cliffs have been weakened by storms and rising sea levels over the years, according to Time. Coastal erosion is common in the area and several sites along the ocean wall have warning signs cautioning tourists and spectators to “beware of falling rocks.”

User utubecamborne uploaded the video to YouTube last week, describing how the crew came across the site:
There were lots of ‘small’ failures just before the main event. This appears to be a progressive failure, the frequency and size of the smaller failures increased until the inevitable happened. The sound was incredible, those cliffs are about 150-200 ft high.

Capturing a collapse on video is a rare event, geologist Pete Hobbs told The Telegraph, saying it’s “some of the best footage I’ve ever seen of a rock-fall.”

In April, large rocks fell onto Great Western Beach beneath a cliff in Cornwall, where nearby hotel guests often visit, the BBC reports. No one was trapped, but authorities said they would clear loose rocks from the cliff as a precaution to prevent future accidents.

Hurricanes play a big factor in coastal erosion. The USGS conducted a visual comparison of coastal areas in North Carolina before and after Hurricane Irene made its way along the East Coast this summer. The pictures, comparing aerial shots from 2008 and 2011, show “overwash deposits of sand” and breaches along the coastline.

The video’s user points out that he believes no one was injured by the collapse, including some seals that were seen lounging by the water.

Source: Huff Post Green



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