Military vehicles to ‘Go Green’ and turn to bio diesel

Alternative use of vehicle fuel seems to be the sign of the times. More and more people are realizing the need for a green alternative and the US armed forces are contemplating the use of algae or vegetable and animal oils as alternative fuel options.

British air force too have used bio fuels for their fighter planes and a looking at options of solar powered unmanned attach aircrafts.

India too is looking at a more eco friendly way of energy. The Defence Research& Development Organization has been carrying out experiments to use bio diesel to power all defence vehicles. Mr. William Selvamurthy, Chief Controller at DRDO labs said that this would enable the defence to considerably cut down on their fuel expenditure.

Bio diesel is extracted from Jathropha seeds and is being produced at the DRDO labs in Secunderabad. There are over 400 acres of land under cultivation and Jathropha curcas seed are being used to extract non edible oil which is used in bio diesel production.

Photography: India Cars and Bikes News
Source: India Cars and Bikes News



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