Bushfires stop world solar car race

Arsonists in Central Australia have brought the World Solar Challenge to a grinding halt.

Cars in the World Solar Challenge race have been stopped because of bushfires in Central Australia.

Alice Springs firefighters say arsonists are lighting fires along the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Earlier today authorities closed the highway between Ti Tree and Wauchope because fires were burning across the road, but it has since been reopened.

Fire crews say the fires have reduced in intensity but they are still advising drivers to proceed with caution because of the smoky conditions.

The top three competitors in the challenge – Japan’s Tokai University, the University of Michigan and the Nuon Solar Team from the Netherlands – all made it as far as Wauchope, about 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek, before the roads were closed.

The remaining crews, however, were all stranded at Tennant Creek.

Police and Bushfire NT crews remain on the scene to direct drivers.

Author: Allyson Horn
Photography: ABC News
Source: ABC News
Original: http://bit.ly/rqGyLe



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