App Lets You Find Cheapest Electricity for Your EV

Software is being created to help EV drivers to locate the nearest charging stations, but what about the EV driver that wants to find the best price on electricity? A new app being developed by IBM and Swiss utility EKZ will allow customers to find the cheapest electricity for charging their EV, as well as set up remote charging.

The app will link customer’s mobile devices with an in-car unit and the grid. Customers will be able to view how much battery power they have left and the price of electricity at that time and throughout the day (peak vs. off-peak hours), then they can either have their car start to charge remotely or schedule a charge for later that day. The user can even choose whether to use renewable or conventional sources of power, if that option is available through their utility.

The user can also choose to let the utility schedule the charging based on grid demand, which could help prevent huge peaks in demand and the use of back-up sources of power, which are more expensive.

The app is still be pilot tested and should move to a full commercial trial by next year.

Author: Megan Treacy



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