Wine Carbon Emissions Formula Adopted By International Wine Industry

Ever wonder how many carbon emissions it takes to make and ship that enticing bottle of Australian wine?

Well, now it looks like the world’s wine community has taken action and come up with a standard way to calculate the industry’s carbon footprint, reports

Led by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, the global trade body brought together producers, suppliers, logistics firms and ad retailers to help them agree on a way to assess environmental impact.

Dubbed the Greenhouse Gas Accounting Profile, the standardized formula has two parts. The enterprise protocol helps businesses calculate their carbon emissions, while the product protocol gives winemakers carbon reduction tips to cut emissions even more, notes

According to the UK Wine and Spirit Trade Association, the wine sector is one of the first industries to lead with such a move.

This isn’t the first time the wine sector has examined its carbon footprint. Last year, the Guardian reported on the world’s first wine sold with a carbon footprint label for each individual glass serving — the Mobius Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

With the warming climate said to inhibit France, Spain and Italy from growing grapes for wine production, it’s not too surprising that winemakers have taken action to track and reduce their own emissions.

Author: Tara Kelly
Source: The Huffington Post



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