Green Innovations And Advances Of 2011 (3 of 12)

2011 was an important year for green innovations and technological advances.

In the world of fuels, a number of strides were made. President Obama announced increased fuel standards for both big and small vehicles in the coming years.

Alternative fuels also made headlines. The use of biofuel for aviation is becoming a reality, after the U.S. military announced it would begin using it, and a joint U.S.-Chinese venture tested biofuel in civilian aircraft.

Solar technology also grew in 2011. Researchers at Notre Dame have invented a house paint that could one day be used to collect solar energy. Elsewhere in the midwest, scientists at the University of Michigan invented an “optical battery” that might eventually eliminate the need for semi-conductors in solar cells.

For more of 2011’s best green technology innovations, vist EarthTechling for their “2011 Green Technology Year In Review.”

Biofuel Advances

(Photography: Getty)

In October, the U.S. military announced that it will be powering its tanks and Air Force planes with biofuel within the next few years.

A U.S.-Chinese renewable energy partnership also developed an oily nut-based aviation biofuel. It was successfully tested in a Boeing 747-400 during a two-hour test flight in Beijing in October.

Dutch air carrier KLM announced in June that it would begin using recycled cooking oil to power flights between France and The Netherlands.

New research in 2011 found that alligator fat is well-suited to the production of biofuel. However, HuffPost blogger David Mizejewski wrote, “Whether or not alligator fat becomes a fuel source of the future remains to be seen.”

Source: HuffPost Green



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