2012 Resolutions: Cleaner Air For Your Home In The New Year (4 of 5)

According to the EPA, most of us spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. That seems about right to me, especially in the wintertime (though in the summer, I’m able to work outside on some days, so it’s much lower then). And although there are plenty of laws and regulations about outdoor air pollution, most of us don’t give a second thought to the air in our homes.

But we should: “… a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors,” advises the EPA.

You could choose to invest in an air purifier or filter (I added one when I upgraded the forced-air heating system in my home a couple of years ago), but getting significantly cleaner, healthier air in your home doesn’t have to come from making big changes or even spending any money. Starting with the simplest idea:

List and captions courtesy of Mother Nature Network. Images courtesy of credited Flickr users.

Avoid air fresheners, and throw the smokers OUT!

If anyone is still smoking inside your home (even if it’s you!) get them outdoors, pronto (and be sure they smoke away from windows and doors). We all know the dangers of smoking, and I won’t get into them here, but secondhand smoke is even more dangerous, and the carcinogens and particulates will hang around long after the butts are disposed of. Long story short, smokers belong outside.

Air fresheners should be avoided. Most of them contain VOC’s (see more on those above), and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Try dabbing lavender, lemon, eucalyptus or orange oil in the corners of rooms (I drop the oil into my rugs, the corners of my mattresses, on curtains, and into the edges of the couch upholstery). You can also fill an old spray bottle with 2 cups water to 10 drops of natural oil, and spray it around the house, or look for soy candles made with all natural oils.

Source: HuffPost Green
Original: http://huff.to/wPrFaC



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